6' | electronics, voice

the last few years I have become more and more drawn to pop electronics, the almost slick & produced stuff. during a particularly heavy episode I felt the urge to actually write songs, and villains - a mid-tempo electronics song - is the first of them, in which a person gets lost in gay nightlife. 

written, arranged, performed, programmed and produced by Rick van Veldhuizen

[& what costume shall he wear
not much | no less
'cos it's his physical expression
his chest in armour arse is bare
dressed up to undress
& be a slave to his obsession
& the dancing will be lewd
& sweaty as it should
once they get the beat running
& once he's in the mood
he knows it will be good
when he gets a big one in
& some are dressed to kill
he reckons there are villains
but the mind is weaker than the will
yeah some are dressed to kill
the ill ain't the villains
it's the oblivious who spill]