rick & tom

indeterminate | electronics


The WannaPlayground is a collection of sixteen swings created by duo Boiten&Thunissen. Each swing has a speaker over it which produces sound which varies the higher or lower people swing. In spring 2015, César Lüttger, Amarante Nat, Tom Schipper, Mathilde Wantenaar and I were attached to the project for its stint at Oerol Festival 2015, on Terschelling. I (co-)created two pieces for the event: spaces_ and poetic reconstruction.

indeterminate | electronics/installation
written, arranged, programmed and produced by Rick van Veldhuizen

spaces_ takes some time & effort to materialize, but once you go for it you’ll be transported: in the lower levels it starts off with microtonal soundscapes and nervous beats, gradually transforming into 5- & 4-on-the-floor madness before being catapulted into a dreamy, pixelated soundscape.


poetic reconstruction
indeterminate | electronics/installation
written by Rick van Veldhuizen, Tom Schipper, Marleen Nagtegaal, Dennis Gaens, Nyk de Vries; programming and vocal treatments by Rick van Veldhuizen; arranged and produced by Tom Schipper and Rick van Veldhuizen

poetic reconstruction was created on-the-spot in collaboration with Tom Schipper (music) and Marleen Nagtegaal, Dennis Gaens and Nyk de Vries (text). The piece layers distorted vocals reciting poems in a shimmering bed of synthesizers. The higher people swing, the better they hear the sentences.