21 May 2021, 17:13

Dear all, after years of struggling to adequately update my website, I've decided to change my ways and do this regularly.

I added a lot of pieces and audio to the 'Works' section and updated the bio and media. The contact form is still being worked on.

There are a few website exclusives to be discovered. :-)

Love, Rick

Dear all, I'm super happy to announce the streamed concert of two magnificent Mahler works, with my piece 'mais le corps taché d'ombres' featured as well, will premiere 28 May at 20:00 on the livestream of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra, as well as on the 29th at the same time in the stream of the Dresdner Musikfestspiele. I hope you'll tune in & enjoy the magnificent musicians who comprise this orchestra, and please let me know about how you feel about it!

xx - Rick

dear all,

right now I'm working on recording and producing an EP of the mini -opera 'over' which was performed on march 17 in the Opera Forward Festival

because of the electronic/beat nature of the piece I figured it would be a nice next step to embark on, and I think there's still a lot of potential in continuing the project

the EP will have myself, Elizaveta Agrafenina and Itzel Trejo Medécigo singing, with Bastiaan Woltjer on tenor trombone, Haraldur Þrastarsson on bass trombone, and a harpist yet to be determined...

love, Rick

dear all -

on july 1st I graduated from my BM composition at the conservatory of Amsterdam with a 10 out of 10 and a cum laude title

a lot of thanks to my teachers who have supported me throughout the year, as well as all friends & colleagues I got to know there. they'll never go away :-)